jPCBSim changing sim max frequency

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jPCBSim changing sim max frequency

Post by eriklins » Sun 24 Oct 2021, 14:09


I used jPCBSim to simulate a simple PCB patch antenna. Original sim max frequency setting was 3e9 Hz (3GHz), which was the setting from a previous IFA antenna I simulated. My simulation showed a resonant peak at 2.6GHz, so not too far away from the 2.4GHz I was going for. Since the peak was close the the right edge of the graph I wanted to set sim max frequency to 4GHz to have it more in the center. But strangely the resonant peak now was no longer at 2.6GHz but at 3.5GHz. Then I set sim max frequency to 5GHz and the peak went to 4.3GHz. The three graphs look fully identical just the x scale (frequency) has changed. This is weird... Since I used the 3GHz setting for the previous IFA antenna and the sample PCBs were quite close to this, I'm kind of sure that the simulation with 3GHz sim max frequency is correct. Anyone have a clue on this?

I attached three screenshots of the three sim max frequency simulations.
jpcbsim_3ghz.png (34.53 KiB) Viewed 2347 times
jpcbsim_4ghz.png (34.43 KiB) Viewed 2347 times
jpcbsim_5ghz.png (34.19 KiB) Viewed 2347 times

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