How do E/H field relate to V/I

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How do E/H field relate to V/I

Post by mysol » Fri 12 Nov 2021, 16:33

Hello, friends!
I am trying to expand my knowledge in the field of electromagnetic and microwave theory, especially for calculating transmission lines and antennas. I have 2 big questions:
1. How can we get information about voltages and currents or, for example, the input impedanceof a microstrip line (TEM mode) from the E/H fields obtained as a result of FDTD calculations? Is this calculated from the port geometry? How to perform the correct calculation?
2. How can we insert a lumped component (e.g. a 50 ohm port or possibly an arbitrary lumped capacitance/inductance) into grid/FDTD calculations.

I would appreciate if someone would answer this question or point to any literature that can fill the gap between the E/H and V/I calculations.

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