Simulation of shortwave antenna?

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Simulation of shortwave antenna?

Post by mzk » Tue 22 Feb 2022, 13:03

Hello. Last night I did simulation of shortwave monopole antenna with another free software that didn't show the expected results (I simulate 7m whip antenna and I expected gain increase with height increase, but that didn't happen (3,5 MHz, 7 MHz)).

After some talk with another HAM colleague he told me that the used software misbehaves when calculating the fields to 'real' ground.

My question is is openEMS appropriate for simulation of these kinds of antennas near 'real' ground? I did a quick search of the forum with no luck (keywords "shortwave", "short wave", "low frequency", "hf antenna" wasn't OK for the search engine).

Any directions are welcome.
Thank you!

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