Model ferrite toroid cores

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Model ferrite toroid cores

Post by Gordon » Tue 17 May 2022, 12:04

I'm trying to simulate a directional coupler which is using a coaxial line with ferrite cores to form a balun. This is a first try to simulate the suggested coupler from Nikolay Drobotun's paper. The problem is that my simulation seems to make no further prgress at around -20dB energy. I let this run over night and plotted the electric field. It seems that it scatters around in the toroid cores.

I use PML boundaries on all sides. The insertion loss is bad at around -6dB. Return loss is also non good at all. I tried to simulate the coaxial structure without any resistors to see if the coaxial cable transmission is causing problems but this gives good results.

Another problem is meshing. This kind of structure seems to be a complicated mesh task. I thought about using submeshes but this is not supported by openems which would be a lot easier to mesh these kind of structures.

Maybe you guys can give me some advice or tell me that openems is not the right choice for this kind of problem.

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