ConvertHDF5_VTK eats all RAM and freezes

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ConvertHDF5_VTK eats all RAM and freezes

Post by Hale_812 » Wed 13 Jun 2018, 08:46

I am dumping the simulation data to HDF5, just in case, because VTK format is a total mess; only real data, not structured, base64 obfuscation sabotages disk compression and archiving...

So, today I tried extracting phase information from one of my very big simulations.

The HDF5 dump is 60 Gb. The installed RAM is 32 Gb, 29 Gb commitable for the process (Win64).

finished with all the 32Gb filled and the system freezing. (windows is freezing naturally, because free ram is used for OS data cache, which is critical for its operation...)

So, I don't know what to say... Is there any solution or idea?

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