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from openems to paraview

Post by alexander_95 » Wed 14 Aug 2019, 16:32

I am trying to calculate the rheumatic distribution of a structure which I designed. Because of the complexity of the structure is a little bit time consuming to recreate this in ParaView. Is there any way to load the file in ParaView and calculate E-field and H-field ? In my att antempts, i managed to load my antenna without having the capability to find E-field and H- field. What can i do to fix it?

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Re: from openems to paraview

Post by Hale_812 » Wed 16 Oct 2019, 02:17

I am confused about what are you trying to reach, and can only guess what is "rheumatic distribution". ParaView is neither simulator nor editor. It just visualizes data, and it is neither stabile nor fast in this; vith fundamental limitations making time-mapped evolution data very hard and indirect in visualizing.

If you want to see your fields, you just have to create appropriate dump boxes, for E and H vextor, or magnitude field; with dump file names assigned. If you have very dense mesh, you can also postprocess data in paraview, like finding poynting vector, or point wave impedance. It is possible when you load one two sets (↑E and ↑H), but then apply properties of E set to H, because those separate data with slightly different coordinates can not be used in calculations together directly. There will be some error caused by time spatial (and hense time) step between E and H. However, the number, order, and relative allocation of vertices is usually sustained in field damps of equivalent sise and precision.

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